Medical Nutrition Coaching (Chronic Disease)

 Prevent, manage and reverse a Chronic Disease

    1. Are you on the way to develop a Chronic Disease? (pre-stage) or already in treatment?
    2. Did your physician suggest that you pay more attention to your eating and lifestyle habits?
    3. Do you have a BMI of 30 or more?


Then this coaching is for you!

We will chaperon you for 4-12 weeks, depending on where you are today and where you need to get. Evaluate your personal eating and lifestyle habits, and introduce new habits according to your lifestyle, taste and ability. We help you to heal the cause, not to suppress the symptoms.

We don’t offer a one fit’s all solution, we create your own solution with you, so you can make healthy living a lifetime habit. But most importantly ..

    ..we offer you a sustainable change and measurable results.

How it works:

We take our personal consulting clients very serious and reserve some premium time for them. After contacting us, we will schedule with you an Evaluation session:

Evaluation Session topics:

  1. Where is the customer now?
  2. What is his/her goal?
  3. How do we get there?
  4. Set up time and day of regular weekly meetings
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We are looking forwards to meet you soon

With healthy regards

Judith Coulson
Medical Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant

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